April 20, 2024

Students at California Baptist University had the chance to learn more about how to create a stand-out profile online through the LinkedIn seminar Feb. 11, hosted by the Career Center.

LinkedIn is more than just another social media account; it is a way to build and engage with professional networks. The site allows users to make conversations and connections with potential employers. The seminar was meant for students to learn how to create an effective profile and strategically use LinkedIn to its full potential.

Morgan Teruel, career counselor for the Career Center, spoke at the event to inform students how to set up their profile in a professional way to make it noticeable among potential employers.

“I hope students realize the power of LinkedIn and strategically implement on what they learned at the seminar,” Teruel said. “They can use it for their professional benefit, and I am very confident that they will see results.”

The LinkedIn seminar not only focused on how to build the profile but also emphasized on understanding what LinkedIn is and how it will help the future of students for jobs.

Hannah Brubeck, junior anthropology major, said she enjoyed the information she was able to get from the seminar.

“I actually was never introduced to LinkedIn,” said Brubeck. “I wasn’t really quite sure what it is. It was a very helpful event and it will be good to introduce myself, along with finding various jobs in my field.”

Trevor Berndt, senior civil engineering major, said he heard about this event through flyers and decided to attend.

“I knew the seminar would give me professional tips but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was,” Berndt said. “I learned I could find companies and groups not only locally, but internationally.”

Lupita Oseguera, junior English major, said she is able to understand LinkedIn more because the seminar gave her an idea of what to expect.

“I knew LinkedIn existed, but I didn’t know what to do with it,” Oseguera said. “I am very happy CBU brought this event to campus because it gave me a head start on networking with employers with which I would like to work.”

Although this was the only LinkedIn seminar held this semester, students are still able to set up appointments with the CBU Career Center counselors for one-on-one help with their profiles.

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