December 8, 2023

Hume Lake conference gives faith a place to grow

California Baptist University’s Discipleship Ministries is taking a group of students to Hume Lake over spring break for a conference to enjoy the outdoors and learn more about God.

The excursion to Hume Lake is an annual trip organized by Christian Challenge, the campus ministry. The six-day event from March 13-18 at Hume Lake Christian Camp will highlight experienced speakers, outdoor activities and an opportunity to connect with other students.

Brian Zunigha, director of Discipleship Ministries, said one of the main purposes of the conference is to teach students how to use their lives for God and the university has sent students for the past eight years.

“We want students to be exposed to good teachers on discipleship,” Zunigha said. “We want them to get connected with each other and think about how they could use their lives to disciple others.”

The theme of this year’s trip is “The Invested Life,” with a focus on how to live as God’s kingdom here on earth.

Zunigha said one of the ministries desires for the trip is to refresh the students spiritually.

Kameron Farmer, junior health science major and resident adviser of the cottages, said the conference at Hume Lake impacted his life with perfect timing last year.

“I feel like I needed something different outside of CBU to really open my eyes to the bigger picture of my faith,” Farmer said.

Farmer explained during their free time students would participate in activities such as hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or broom hockey.

Haley Gibson, junior global studies major, said she decided to go to the conference this year because of the impact it had on her friends the previous year.

“I just heard all these different stories about (the atmosphere at) Hume,” Gibson said. “The tools they learned for discipleship, spiritual disciplines; so I just want to further grow that in my life.”

Before the deadline to apply, Gibson said she encouraged her residents from the Cottages freshman living area to go to the conference so they could experience the eye-opening trip together and use the opportunity to draw close to Christ.

“I can see a lot of movement in the group that comes there,” Gibson said. “Maybe if their faith is stagnant, then they can grow it and then they can understand that this is God’s purpose for the world and His heart for the nations.”

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