June 19, 2024

For many years, people may have adopted the idea that Easter is a day associated with a bunny and finding colored plastic eggs.

In fact, Easter dates back as a holiday to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the sacrificial death he died.

“It’s traced back to the earliest expressions of Christianity,” said Dr. Jeff Cate, professor of Christian studies at California Baptist University. “The earliest Christian writings we have are the letters of Paul in the New Testament, and Paul doesn’t mention a lot about the historical Jesus, he mentions more about theological interpretation of the death of Jesus.”

Cate said it is important for the Christian community to primarily put the resurrection of Jesus Christ first and it is not necessarily wrong to celebrate the holiday with candy and eggs as long as the core is still faith.

“The resurrection of Jesus happens in the spring,” Cate said. “It’s not based on mythology, it’s not based on spring happening. It happens to be because that’s when (Jesus) died.”

Cate said much of the reason that people observe the holiday also has to do with their culture.

Morgan Caver, junior history major, grew up celebrating Easter the way many others grew up with and said she feels incorporating the resurrection of Jesus Christ is important to true meaning.

Caver said it was not until she started growing stronger in her faith when she realized there was a deeper meaning behind the Easter holiday, aside from all the hype of bunnies and chocolates.

“I look at Easter as a time to reflect and celebrate the fact that the Lord has risen again,” Caver said. “I always just keep in mind the song that we’ve done in choir. It says, ‘Our Lord has done just what he said, he’s risen from the dead.’”

Lisa Paur, junior psychology major, said she understands the fun in looking for eggs and getting candy, but also thinks the real meaning of Easter should be well-established as a part of her faith.

“It is important to go over the story of Christ and have the resurrection eggs, that also represent the cross and the nails in his hands and the whole sacrifice that God makes,” Paur said.

Chris Lopez, junior applied statistics major, said he celebrates Easter every year with friends and family.

“I have a family gathering every year and we celebrate by doing Easter egg hunts,” Lopez said.

Though Lopez spends time with his family on Easter taking part in the usual Easter festvities, he said that does not take away from the true meaning behind what the holiday is about.

“(Easter) should be about Jesus Christ and it’s not always seen that way,” Lopez said. “I think it is seen more of as a holiday rather than celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

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