December 8, 2023

“Fuller House” made its long-awaited debut Feb. 26, allowing fans of the original series “Full House” to be drawn back into the comedy and relatability of the Tanner household.

“Fuller House” is a parallel to the original show and follows Danny Tanner’s eldest daughter, D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a widow with three children.

“They always taught you some type of foundational lesson that you could carry on,” said Tianna Mason, junior theatre major.

Bruce Prins, professor of biology, said he still watches “Full House” and the show has great lessons people should learn.

“(Michelle) asked (DJ’s) boyfriend to marry her and he said ‘yes,’” Prins said. “We learned the lesson that you better be careful that you understand things before you make agreements, because it really broke her little heart.”

People have been enjoying “Fuller House” since it debuted its first season in full on the streaming service Netflix.

“I thought the dad and uncles were going to be in the entire season so I was surprised that it was just for the first episode,” said Alejandra Rodriguez, senior business administration major.

The show, while enjoyed by fans, did not receive much critical acclaim but was renewed for a second season.

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