April 14, 2024

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The men of California Baptist University entered the Van Dyne Gym Feb. 26 ready to showcase their talents for the women of CBU at Woofest.

The event started out with a pre-party where men and women from all over campus came dressed in their 1920s Hollywood best to walk the red carpet and enjoy a classy evening of gourmet donuts, live music and a vintage Hollywood photo booth before the big show. From dancing to singing to yo-yoing to poetry; the women of CBU were “wooed.”

Moriah Mesina, freshman marketing major, said she loved the classy, inviting atmosphere of Woofest.

“The atmosphere was very upbeat; everyone was very excited to be there,” Mesina said.

Mikayla Angeles, junior business administration major, said she loved the humorous performances.

“One of the highlights was when John Free, (junior mechanical engineering major,) went down and just started swing dancing with some of the girls. It was cool that he picked people who had no idea what they were doing but still had fun doing it,” Angeles said. “I think all the girls were very wooed. Woofest is one of my favorite events of the year. I am definitely going next year.”

Walker Goodman, sophomore aviation flight major, and Graham Allgood, junior marketing major, were both part of the Rez Life Men group who performed choreographed dances that started and ended the show.

Leading up to the show the group practiced almost every night for several hours.

“My favorite part was preparing for it, and performing on stage was so fun,” Allgood said. “We practiced every night and there’s not a lot of times when you’re an RA that you get to hang out with everybody, so being able to hang out with a bunch of other RAs on campus and just chill and do that was really cool.”

As a part of Residence Life which hosted the event, both Walker and Goodman contributed to the event in ways which helped with the planning, advertising and pre-party. Allgood said he created the Snapchat filter for the evening and helped with the advertisements spread across campus.

“The pre-party was cool,” Goodman said. “I was working most of the time escorting people from other parts of campus. It’s different being on the other side serving rather than being served, but it was a lot of fun.”

Kameron Farmer, junior health science major, was also a performer at Woofest and performed in the band Agape.

“It came together really well,” Farmer said. “It was our first time we played in front of people. Once we played at rehearsal it was a lot easier.”

Though he was a part of Woofest production, Farmer said his favorite part was watching the full live performances of the other performers.

“If I was a (woman) I would have been wooed,” Farmer said. “Those dudes killed it.”

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