March 2, 2024

The Office of Residence Life’s Global Village is accepting applications from students who are interested in helping international students assimilate to California Baptist University and living in the United States.

Global Village is described as a “living learning community” where domestic and international students live together and help each other grow closer to the lord.

Residence Life is looking for students who are not only interested in living with international students but who are also willing to incorporate their international counterpart into their everyday lives with their friends and family.

Kendall McFarland, senior nursing major, lives in the Global Village with another woman from California and two students from China.

“I love my neighbors,” McFarland wrote in the Global Village Newsletter. “Everyone is always saying “hi” to each other. Also, it is nice to live with international students because they already come expecting to be flexible and know home life will be different.”

The International Center and the Office of Residence Life partner together to help ensure the smoothest transition into school in the United States for the international students.

“Some events we have done are a Korean dinner, Chinese dinner and Indian dinner,” said Catherine Rice, graduate assistant in the Office of Residence Life for Global Village. “We also have done more low-key events such as s’mores nights and henna nights. We partner a lot with the International Center, so many of our residents go to International Center events. The goal is for the domestic students and international students to go to those together.”

Applications are due April 1 and are available by email only.

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