December 2, 2023

Bombs blast Belgian capital, ISIS claims responsibility

Explosions at an airport and subway station in Brussels, Belgium, caused 34 deaths and injured more than 200 March 22.

The terrorist group known as ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Officials are still investigating the claim.

Officials have confirmed three bombs entered the airport at around 8 a.m., but one failed to detonate. One of the blasts was from a suicide bomber.

An hour after, a bomb exploded at a subway station near the European Union Headquarters.

Christians to honor worldwide International Day for the Unreached

The Alliance for the Unreached announced May 15 as the International Day for the Unreached, a one-day event intended to unite Christians together all across the globe in praying for and reaching out to those still unreached by the gospel.

People who are interested in getting involved in mobilization can find an action guide on the website,

Apple rolls out smaller iPhone at lower price

Apple announced its newest iPhone model, the iPhone SE, March 21, for its spring 2016 launch.

The iPhone SE release followed the announcement March 24.

The new phone is smaller than the iPhone 6S by 4 inches, but CEO Tim Cook said it is just as powerful and technologically advanced.

Apple unveiled a new iPad, as well.

Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren caught in verbal sparring

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic senator from Massachusetts, called Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, a “loser” in a series of tweets March 21.

In the tweets, she referenced his failed businesses and attacks on women as justification.

Trump later responded at a press conference in Washington, D.C., by referencing her claims of Native American heritage.

U.S. Supreme Court overrules stun gun conviction in Massachusetts

The U.S. Supreme Court overrode a court conviction in Massachusetts March 21 that sentenced a woman for carrying a stun gun in her purse.

Jaime Caetano claimed the state’s ban infringed on her Second Amendment right to carry a weapon, but the state court upheld the conviction, saying those were not the weapons the Founders intended.

The Supreme Court disagreed and overruled.

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