May 23, 2024

Lauren Shelburne | Banner Traivon Williams, senior music education major, trains Danica Kinne, sophomore anthropology and psychology double major, in his Boxing Bootcamp class.

Traivon Williams, senior music education major, juggles his time between two main extra-curriculars as a singer for University Choir and Orchestra and a boxing instructor at the California Baptist University Recreation Center.

Williams demonstrates his hard work, diligence and joy shining through his performing and through his endless dedication to training with others he feels his time can benefit.

Amanda Tabora, senior music education and communication studies double major, said Williams is always joyful despite his full schedule.

“He brightens up the room with his presence and he is a well-rounded man of God,” Tabora said. “He would be in a rush heading to work at the Rec Center, then he would come back 2-3 hours later and be ready for rehearsal.”

Williams said that he makes it his habit to get to know the people in his GX class.

“I have my stations set up so that when people come in I can get personal,” Williams said. “I can talk to them about their major, maybe just cheer them up.”

Williams said he signed up to be a trainer for the GX boxing class to find a way to make himself work out and was able to get through the training with the motivation of the impact that he could have on others.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life,” Williams said. “The joy of being here is motivating too, to know you’re on the right track doing good things.”

Williams said he is able to stay motivated because he knows that God has a plan and he can change people’s lives if he keeps on going.

“I know what the end result holds for myself and for my family,” Williams said. “The effect that I can have on my community — the effect I can have within the body of Christ in my church — so just truly knowing that God is using this opportunity.”

Singing is his main passion as he is a worship leader at his church, a music teacher to home-schooled children and also a vocal teacher. He said after he graduates not much will change.

“The only real thing that is going to change is I will be working full time,” Williams said. “I want to still have the same affect or greater affect on the people that I’m working with — more opportunities to impact lives and to be more accessible to my family or to the people around me. I will definitely be more involved in my church.”

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