October 1, 2023

California Baptist University continued the Leadership Seminar Series April 4 with ‘Principles for Success,’ a seminar organized by the School of Business featuring Ron Burgess, CEO of RedFusion Media.

As a professional in the world of business, Burgess shared insight on how to develop a successful small business and discussed strategies on how to create a profitable market.

“Leadership is an interesting thing,” Burgess said. “Somehow we all know what leadership is. We know what a leader looks like when we see one. We know that leaders have followers and we know that by definition, there is no leadership without followers.”

In the past, leadership was sometimes perceived in a way that was oppressive, however, Burgess emphasized how the work of a leader and a follower have now become a collaborative effort.

“Leadership is a broad term, still deeply understudied,” Burgess said. “The concept of leadership is muddy because it’s influenced by worldviews, western civilization, politics, scientific management, political and moral concepts. Management may be part of leadership or can be devoid of it. Leaders are often poor managers.”

According to Burgess, independent businesses need followers, and 75 percent of them do not have followers, therefore, do not have leaders.

Despite being independent, small businesses are most often run by highly successful owners.

“The largest group of wealthy people are smaller businesses, or professionals such as doctors, who go into business,” Burgess said. “Small businesses are creating most of the wealth in the United States.”

Burgess concluded by stating that wealth comes in several forms and can be achieved through leadership and efficiency.

Hannah Kinnen, freshman pre-nursing major, said she was interested in attending the seminar because she had already been researching the topic of small businesses.

“I learned how bigger is not always better in terms of businesses,” Kinnen said. “It was really interesting learning how small businesses have their own unique ways of creating a different atmosphere for working, as well as finding success in totally different ways than large companies.”

She also mentioned how the seminar was able to help deepen her understanding of small businesses around the world.

“(The seminar) also gave good examples of how large corporations positively impact the business world,” said Kinnen.

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