March 2, 2024

Students at California Baptist University have the ability to be prepared for the upcoming finals if they equip themselves with the proper tools and strong will.

By following tips from professionals, as well as fellow CBU students, individuals can learn how to not only perform better on their finals, but how to improve in their classes altogether.

Finals can be a stressful time for many, but there are strategies students can use to work toward passing.

Kyle Steward, assistant professor of physics, said that every class is different, whether it is math or concept-based, and that will affect how to best prepare for the test.

“Trying to teach the material to a friend,” Steward said, is a helpful way to learn the material.

Jeff Barnes, dean of Academic Studies, said sometimes, finishing well will not be enough to fix a bad start.

“One main mistake people make is studying for finals as they come,” Barnes said.

Instead, all students should take the time to diligently prepare for tests in advance, which helps students experience the least amount of stress.

Barnes also said with so many activities happening in the end of the year, it is crucial for students to pay attention to the syllabus and understand exactly what the professor is requiring.

Good grades on finals are attainable; students have the ability to perform with excellence as long as they keep their eyes on the prize and figure out what study process works best for them.

Jenna Koke, junior exercise science major, said if she could do her college classes over again, she would change her studying habits, starting with little steps in review.

“I would stay more on top of the material, even if it’s just reviewing class notes once a week to keep it more fresh,” Koke said.

The Academic Success Center will offer a late night study hall at the CBU Recreation Center before finals on April 20, and it will also offer help for students studying.

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