June 25, 2024

Freshly graduated from college, armed with a bachelor’s degree with honors in your hand, you feel prepared to take on the “real world” of adulthood and job hunting.

Job after job you are looking at what requires a degree, but also two or three years experience. There is no way you have even one year of experience because you have been actively pursuing that 4.0 GPA and may be working a part-time job.

While most of us are accustomed to working while in college, the closer you can get to working a job in your career field while in school, the better.

We are at a uniquely pivotal area in life where we are surrounded by the possibilities to soak up information, get hands-on experiences and really explore the career field we are interested in — if we take the initiative.

First and foremost, work ethic is one of the most important characteristics to build up. Being in college and working at the same time to be able to pay for bills and school expenses creates dedicated, hard-working individuals that companies would love to have on board because you have demonstrated a good work ethic.

In order to provide the funds necessary to get through school, jobs in your field may seem out of the question. A waitressing job with good tips might look like a better option than that unpaid internship.

However, there are several ways to gain experience in your desired field, even if that means it isn’t necessarily your dream job or one that pays all the bills.

Seek mentorship from professors in your field. Be inquisitive about what progress they made in their career, and what setbacks they’ve encountered. Volunteer your services in the community in a way that allows skill building for your field.

Build up your resumé by seeking out ways to get involved and utilize this precious time you have in college.

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