Asking for support is perfectly OK

A new school year calls for new classes, new adventures and inevitably, new stressors. Balancing school, work and a social life can become overwhelming and generally exhausting. While there is plenty of stress and anxiety surrounding college life, there are plenty of people surrounding you, ready to listen.

What a lot of people fail to realize is the amount of help they have at the ready. It is OK to ask for help. Asking for help does not mean you are weak and it does not make you a burden to those you ask. Asking for help in any area of life makes us human. Getting help is a great thing.

At school, we have been blessed with the Academic Success Center full of people who students can come to with every academic question imaginable.
There is also the Counseling Center, where you will be welcomed with open arms and open minds.

In addition to the two centers, people are blessed with an arsenal of friends with open ears. Asking for help is not an embarrassing thing. Life’s burdens are not meant to be
carried alone.

The great thing about friends is while they are there to make great memories with you, they are also available to help you through not-so-great times. Whether it be stress caused by classes, a breakup or any hardship, friends are there to catch you when you fall and pick you up off the ground.

While being a human has its perks, something we were not born with is the ability to read minds. Communication is an important part of any relationship and an important part of sharing life’s struggles with your friends.

You would be surprised how easily friends can bond over the same internal and external struggles. The excited “I know, right?”s and exasperated “Me too’s” are the result of a common struggle you and a
friend share.

As the token advice-giver of my friend group, I am a fan of those moments. Even the advice-givers need some guidance sometimes. Talking about your struggles helps the issue itself seem smaller and less frightening.

Talking with someone is a beautiful thing, and it is 1,000 percent OK to seek help from a professional. Professionals are paid to listen to others talk, meaning they expect for people to seek them out.
Asking for help from anyone, professional or friend, is a normal part of life and something no one should be ashamed of.

Seek out your friends, seek out your family or seek out someone who will listen. We all struggle on a day-to-day basis in some part of life. Someone is bound to be ready to listen and share.

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