September 28, 2023

Dr. Chris Morgan, dean of the School of Christian Ministries and professor of theology, is at the end of a six-year process of compiling and editing “The Love of God,” the seventh in a series of books on different aspects of God called “Theology in Community.”

“There is nothing greater and more central to all of our life and thinking than a biblical view of God,” Morgan said. “Our identity, love, faith, mission and hope rest on his love.”

Morgan described the book as one that could help Christians adjust the way in which they view the Bible. The series serves as prescription glasses to help them see the Bible and Christianity more clearly, introducing topics such as Christian love and Islam, love and hell, and love and social justice .

“This will be the seventh volume,” Morgan said. “The others include “Suffering and the Goodness of God,” “The Glory of God,” “The Deity of Christ,” “The Kingdom of God,” “Fallen” and “Heaven.”

With each book, Morgan curates experts from around the world to write a chapter on their specialty. Aside from Morgan’s contribution, “The Love of God” includes chapters written by authors including D. A. Carson, Raymond Ortlund Jr., Andreas Köstenberger, Robert Plummer, John Mahony, Daniel Strange, Dan Ebert, C.D. “Jimmy” Agan III and Mariam Kamell.

Aaron Adame, senior applied theology major, said he is looking forward to reading the next book on God’s love.

“I am glad the editors have chosen such a powerful theme,” Adame said. “One that runs through the entire narrative of the Bible and brings us right into the heart and character of God.”

Adame said the love of God and the conditions tied to it are often things most Christians wonder about at some point. Because of this, “The Love of God” is relevant to Christians at any part of their spiritual journey.

“‘The Love of God’ volume in the ‘Theology in Community’ series will help to shape the students’ thinking on such marvelous and critical themes,” Adame said.

The book will be published and available to the public at the end of September.

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