February 21, 2024

California Baptist University has officially rolled out a degree in sports analytics, now available this fall.

CBU is one of the first universities in the country to offer a bachelor of science in sports analytics, combining statistics and statistical analysis with sports.

“I think any student who kind of likes numbers but is really fascinated with sports would really enjoy this major,” said Dr. Lisa Hernández, associate professor of mathematics and associate dean for the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences.

A degree in sports analytics can open up job opportunities in areas such as sports managing, sports marketing and team rehabilitation. The degree itself is versatile enough that it can be used in the sports field, but it also equips students to use the degree in other statistical fields.

Dr. Linn Carothers, professor of mathematics and chairman of Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, partially credits the addition of this program to CBU’s interest in sports and the realization in its importance as a field.

“Sports is a biblical concept,” Carothers said. “The apostle Paul used the Corinthian games and their sports to illustrate concepts of ‘not fighting the air,’ or ‘running to win’ as incentives to excel still more. CBU realizes sports is a recession-proof industry that nets hundreds of millions of fans who spend an estimated $28.7 billion in revenue across sports in a typical year.”

One of two students enrolled in the new major, Robert Castro, junior biology and sports analytics double major, said he hopes to eventually be part of a statistician team that works with professional athletes, or use his analytic skills for scientific research.

“I picked sports analytics because it is a growing field in the world,” Castro said. “Not only does it teach you about analyzing sports, but it also gives you the ability to know computing and applying those skills into everyday use.”

As CBU is currently one of the only universities offering a bachelor of science in sports analytics, Castro is one of very few in the U.S. to be pursuing the degree.

“I think it’s awesome I’m going to be a part of something bigger, and something that can help influence others down the line,” Castro said.

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