Starbucks at Wanda’s Place satisfies patrons

Wanda’s Place, a popular location to grab coffee or a quick bite to eat at California Baptist University, has recently switched to  Starbucks  coffee.

Last year, Wanda’s sold coffee from Lift Coffee Roasters but has changed to Starbucks because of the high demand from students and staff to have Starbucks  served  instead.

Francisco Cruz, manager of Wanda’s, said faculty and students at CBU have been pleased with the switch and there have been no complaints about Starbucks.

“There are many faculty and students here in the morning  to get their Starbucks coffee and throughout the day we keep busy,” Cruz said. “Everybody wanted Starbucks so we are
happy CBU switched to make our customers happy.”

Wanda’s is a place where many students can do homework, socialize and enjoy a drink of their choice.

Savannah Zbinden, junior Christian behavioral science major, said she likes that Wanda’s switched to Starbucks, and she notices a difference in the taste.

“One of my favorite drinks is chai tea, and Starbucks does a good job with the quality of their drinks,” Zbinden said. “It is cool that the school serves Starbucks on campus, and seeing all the cups makes me excited to get my tea each time.”

The switch from Lift Coffee Roasters to Starbucks at Wanda’s has seen an increase in customers from last year.

Hayley Howanec, junior exercise science major, said she was often driving off campus to get Starbucks but is happy to have it more conveniently placed at CBU.

“Although it is a small menu selection, it’s great to walk to Starbucks at Wanda’s instead of wasting the gas and money to go get my coffee off campus and coming back,” Howanec said. “The coffee is stronger, which helps keep me awake longer, and I’m excited about the switch because I’ve always loved Starbucks how it is.”

This semester’s new Starbucks menu at Wanda’s offers both iced and hot drinks, including drip coffee, chai tea,lattes  and macchiatos, as well as other espresso drinks.

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