July 13, 2024

[ Lauren Shelburne | Banner] Amber McAtee, freshman criminal justice major and quarterback for the Lancer Ladies, runs the football during Monday night intramural football.

With flag football season already in full swing, Monday nights have become an opportunity for students at California Baptist University to play or support friends who play the game.

While many teams compete for love of the sport, others have their eyes set on Fortuna Bowl, the annual flag-football championship.

Nick Davis, freshman kinesiology major, said his team, the Backstreet Boys, islooking to win and their team is trying its hardest to go to the Fortuna Bowl.

“Coming in as a freshman, I didn’t realize how competitive it was going to be,” Davis said. “People start recruiting from the beginning of the year to help build their teams. I thought it was just flag football. I had no idea of the skill-level andseriousness of everyone.”

Many competitive teams are legacy teams. Matt Spoelstra, junior biology major, is captain of Fruit of the Boom.

“We’re looking to go all the way this year,” Spoelstra said. “We lost twice at Fortuna Bowl, and this year we’re looking to win it.”

Many spectators are not familiar with the teams playing and just go for the fun of watching a school football game.

Jeremy Duket, freshman graphic design major, said he goes to Monday night football to support his friends on the Backstreet Boys team.

Carson Belmont, assistant director of Recreation Programs, said a reason the office hosts intramural flag-football is to encourage students to get outside,  active and social.

“Monday night football plays into that by giving people a time when they can go out and see the games when there aren’t as many classes going on,”
he said. “They can come and hang out with their friends and maybe grab some food.”

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