April 20, 2024

If you have listened to any conversation regarding this election, you have probably heard someone ask, “Who are you voting for?” And you have probably heard the answer “(Insert candidate here) because I dislike (him or her) less.”

I have heard voting for president in our nation is like “picking the lesser of two evils” by newscasters. Any Facebook fights I see about who to vote for and why is only backed up with who has done worse between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as a means of justifying their vote.

With only two weeks before the election, our nation is feeding into the most drama-filled campaign with nothing but arguments.

Wasn’t there a point when people could have educated discussions about politics without stomping and crushing people’s opinions, religions or morals?

Americans need to shift their focus to who is the best fit to be the next president of the U.S., instead of who is less likely to cause disaster.

As president, Clinton plans to restore fairness to America’s tax code through providing relief to middle-class and working families and making sure that multi-millionaires and billionaires are paying their fair share of taxes.

Reaching back to her college career, Clinton has a long history of advocating for women, children and families across America and shows her passion through her involvement with social justice activism and taking jobs that would help her sharpen her knowledge on children’s rights.

As president, Trump is determined to appoint justices who will help defend and uphold our freedoms that are stated in the Constitution. At this time in America’s history, gun control is a controversial subject. Trump’s position on the Second Amendment is that every law-abiding American has access to the fundamental right and that it is imperative to protect that freedom.

His plans for our economy include creating 25 million jobs within the next decade by lowering taxes and trade. He has an optimistic view on America and his vision for the economy closely resembles the “American Dream.”

While these are only a few examples of the differences the candidates offer, becoming an educated voter is not that hard. In fact, it is your responsibility as an American.

We shouldn’t let our vote be influenced by negativity, drama and a list of wrongs. Our votes should be influenced by what we stand for and who can best represent and attend to the needs and the goals of the United States of America.

This election may be the most unbelievable one in history, but it makes it the most important time for Americans to become politically mature. Hopefully, the next time you hear “Who are you voting for?” you won’t hear “(Hillary or Trump) because I dislike (him or her) less,” and instead hear an educated conversation where each person respects each other and their choices.

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