May 23, 2024

Throughout a student’s time at college, clothes go through a lot of wear and tear. They can shrink, rip or stain. However, Pinterest, a social media site dedicated to DIY projects, provides a handful of hacks on how to reinvent those worn-out pieces of clothing and turn them into something new.

One of the most versatile articles of clothing is either a flannel or a sweater. Although these pieces can usually withstand the wear and tear of college life, they are still prone to damage. With a sewing kit and scissors, they can be turned into smaller items like mittens or a beanie.

Another quick trick is the reinvention of the ordinary T-shirt. A way to recycle an old or stained top is turning it into a “T-bag.” Depending on the durability of the shirt, the new bag can work for the beach, groceries or as a backpack.

Tara Lanning, freshman early childhood studies major, chooses denim as her fabric of choice because of its versatility.

“Jeans are one of the easiest materials to manipulate because they have so many purposes,” Lanning said. “Besides turning old jeans into shorts, the fabric can also be used to make a bag or as a patch to put on other pieces of

Amanda Albrecht, freshman pre-nursing major and Lanning’s roommate, also takes part in this activity. Her favorite piece of clothing to alter is a simple,
everyday dress.

“A lot of the time, dresses will shrink in the wash or sometimes the strap will break,” Albrecht said. “If it shrinks, the dress can be cut to make a cute top. However, if the strap breaks, it can be cut and sewn to make a cute skirt.”

Different articles of clothing can serve multiple purposes when they are altered to make something new. It just requires some imagination, scissors and a sewing kit.

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