December 2, 2023

It is finally here, the year to vote for a new president of the U.S., but so far the options we have been presented are not necessarily the best options.

Since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most popular on the ballot, there has been talk and jokes made across the board mocking the two candidates, not only for their agendas, but for their pasts and everything they have said. Some are even going as far as dissing the elections as a whole and choosing not to vote.

As a 20-year-old, I am finally eligible to vote. Yes, it is going to take much time and research, but it is a privilege to vote and it is worth the time and effort.

With that being said, take this election more seriously. Despite having some poor options, it is important to the future of this country. I get it is hard, especially when there are funny memes and videos all over the internet and social media, but think about the responsibility you have as a citizen.

I know for me personally, it has been hard to take this election seriously, because let’s be honest, this election is a bit ridiculous.

When I am watching the debates, I have flashbacks of when my brothers and I were younger and we would go back and forth arguing and telling on each other just to get the other person in trouble. A debate is definitely an argument and there is no doubt about that, but the way the candidates have been displaying themselves has been more childish, rather than professional.

If there is not a candidate you prefer, that’s fine, but you are not doing anything positive by writing a post about how funny Trump’s hair looked on camera or continuing to joke about how Hillary is nothing but a liar. If we keep this up, we will not get anywhere as a nation.

For those who are voting for the first time, why would you not want to vote in this election? This is something you have literally been waiting for your entire life and it should have an important meaning to you.

Do not just jump into it, though, and do not listen to what others have to say. Voting is your personal choice, so weigh the odds and look at the positives and negatives for each person and go from there.

Looking toward the future, whether we want to admit it or not, the sake of our country will be in one of these two candidates’ hands, and the time is now to take a stand, take a moment and be responsible. It is the people’s vote who will decide the fate of this country, and knowing who you prefer is the starting point.

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