April 12, 2024

With a basket in hand, all I needed from Target were basic hygiene products. Walking down an aisle of dark reds and grays, I noticed prices were a little lower than my last visit. Once I realized these products did not have my usual flowery scents, I proceeded to the next aisle where packages were girlier and prices rose two or three dollars.

As a woman, I realize how much maintenance I need. Makeup, hair appointments and eyebrow threading are all things that are not exactly a necessity, but all expenses I deem worthy. However, for the things I do not have a choice in buying, I do not understand why making the package “girly” makes it more expensive.

Female-targeted products being more expensive is not a new concept, widely referred to as the “Pink Tax.” Studies have shown products ranging from razors to bicycles were more expensive when advertised for a female. Companies even go as far as to include less of the actual product so that it looks smaller and more “feminine-looking.”

When I am looking for a deodorant, I am not looking for pretty pink packaging, but just something that smells nice and gets the job done. Price variance between products that are required by both genders is completely uncalled for, but is something for which women will pay.

Products like deodorant or razors are in high demand, and making them significantly more expensive for women can force the buyer to switch to the male counterpart.

Male products have even been voted by women as a better quality purchase. So if women pay more for less and for razors that get dull after one leg, why do companies not make the product cheaper or at least worth the extra money?

It is frustrating to see how much I already pay for things I do not exactly have a choice in buying or not, and now I am being scammed into buying a more expensive version of something that is available to men at a cheaper price.

I can even go as far as saying women already struggle with not getting paid equally in the work place, and even with our lesser pay, we are  still forced to pay more for the products we need. This just does not seem justified.

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