April 19, 2024

Whether it is for a bonding trip, physical fitness or to see Riverside’s skyline, Mount Rubidoux Park provides these opportunities and more with a 2.7-mile hike that loops around the mountain with wild flowers in bloom and the occasional watermelon on the trail.

On average, the hill is visited by 1,200 to 1,800 people, as well as their pets. This trip has become a frequent California Baptist University hotspot for students. A 35-minute drive from the campus, Rubidoux offers two options for a hike, both varying in difficulty and trail steepness.

The land was first purchased by Frank Miller, owner of the Mission Inn, Henry Huntington and Charles Loring in 1906 as part of the Huntington Park Association. Since then, the site has been home to Easter services, Fourth of July fireworks and more.

Aaron DeWolf, sophomore mechanical engineering major, has made the trip to Mt. Rubidoux three times and said he enjoys the opportunity to get outside of the classroom.

“My favorite part about going is it’s something to do off campus where I can get outside and enjoy the beautiful SoCal weather and sunsets,” DeWolf said. “I love the outdoors, and although Rubidoux is very simple and quaint, it is something iconic about the city that every student should experience.”

Landmarks on the trail include the Peace Bridge, American flag, and white cross located at the summit of the mountain honoring Father Junipero Serra since 1907.

Anastasia Aguas, junior political science and history double major, finds the reward at the end of the hike when she finally reaches the peak and is able to stand and look  out over the entire city.

“My favorite part about going is when you reach the very top of the mountain, up by the massive white cross,” Aguas said. “It’s awesome just sitting at the foot of it and looking out over all of Riverside, especially at night.”

With the Santa Ana River following at the base of the mountain, Rubidoux offers a variety of views such as the natural beauty of the park to the lights of Riverside when night falls. DeWolf said this experience is something every student at CBU should enjoy at some point.

“I would definitely encourage students to go,” DeWolf said. “Mt. Rubidoux is an iconic part of the city of Riverside, and it has a rich and unique history. It’s a very easy and nice hike, so people don’t have to worry about not being able to do it, and it is something every Riverside resident should experience.”

This recreational destination is recommended for getting off campus.

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