April 14, 2024

As humans, we are all different. We have different facial features, hairlines, fingerprints and opinions.

One thing we tend to do is judge others based on those differences, make fun of them for it, and make others feel small because of it.

Why is that OK? If the person next to you does not look like you or walk like you, that is totally fine. Just keep walking and move on about your day. He or she is not hurting anyone.

Then we have those who judge others because of their political and social views. I have seen those lead to riots, fighting and even death, which should not be a norm.

Differences in the past have even led to deadly wars and battles, something I do not think people want to happen again anytime soon.

It is one thing to not like someone because he or she does not agree with you, but to start throwing punches or threatening that person with a weapon because of his or her freedom to believe what he or she may is a whole different situation.

I do not think anyone should have to feel guilty about what they think is right or wrong. People should be able to sit down and have a comfortable conversation with someone and not have to feel like they are going to get the third degree in the process.

Yes, it can be difficult to agree with others’ opinions, but maybe if you just take time to process what they believe and what you believe, maybe you can understand each other’s differences rather than just hate each other for not being ignorant.

You will be able to appreciate the person much more and maybe have more respect for each other. That would be pretty nice.

Stop criticizing each other because someone is different from you. It does not lead to anything other than hate and violence. The world needs less of that.

Take a step back, look in the mirror and think about how you want to be treated and that is how you should treat others.

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