April 14, 2024

[Eugene Achim | Banner] Brooke Russell, 21-year-old donor specialist, draws blood from Emily Roe, senior nursing major at California Baptist University, during the annual blood drive held by the Office of Mobilization, Nov. 29-30.

The California Baptist University Office of Mobilization held its annual blood drive Nov. 29-30. The drive is set up every year to raise funds for International Service Projects.

The Staples Room was turned into a blood drive center as students stepped up to donate.

Blue beds became home to those having their blood drawn as professionals monitored them carefully. Others who had already completed the process stuck around to eat snacks and chat with some of their peers.

Every pint of blood donated $15. Upon checking in, students could designate to which team they wanted to donate, or they could have their donation divided between all the teams.

Scott Liddell, a graduate assistant for the Office of Mobilization, said the blood drive not only aids in raising funds for ISP trips but also does something good locally, as well.

“We want to not only help the community by donating blood, but it’s also a great opportunity for students and teams to raise funds for their ISP teams and SOS teams,” Liddell said. “It’s a great way to get everyone involved in the whole mobilization process.”

ISP teams often host fundraisers for their trips, but a blood drive is different on the level of active involvement from supporters.

“We do this every year,” Liddell said. “It’s a really great way for people to come and do something in order to raise money. Sometimes it’s hard for people to give out of their own pocket, but they can give blood instead.”

Some students showed up to donate for the first time in support of classmates or friends. Others came for the purpose of giving blood.

“People need blood for various reasons,” said Maria Ramirez, junior nursing major. “If my blood can help someone in any way, and if I can donate, then it will be helpful to someone else. I also wanted to help the ISP students raise money because it’s hard and they want to go out and help others and serve God.”

Even those students who could not donate themselves encouraged others to do so.

Cynthia Salinas, freshman pre-nursing major, will be going on an ISP trip and attended the blood drive in support of her team and others.

“I know there are a lot of people who can learn from the word so I just want to help people,” Salinas said.

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