April 20, 2024

Many people go to college not knowing what they want to do. Students take general classes and then choose a major with the intent of graduating within four years.

California Baptist University’s slogan, “Live your purpose,” may not be achieved right after college, and that is something many students may fear.

As college students, it can be easy to live in fear of the future. Many students have test anxiety, and to reduce test-anxiety levels, it takes an exceptional amount of studying and preparation.

“I make lists of things I need to do to ensure that I can accomplish my goal of going to law school,” said Kirstin Klein, senior political science major.

Anxiety over the future is often harder to counteract. Throughout college, students may wonder if they picked the right major or if they are going to get the internship that will help set them up for their future career.

They can take many jobs, have experiences and make mistakes before the realization of a solid purpose unveils itself to them.

According to Jaison Abel and Richard Dietz of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, only 27 percent of college graduates have a job related to their majors. A way to combat anxiety of the future is structure and to develop that it can be important to make goals to work toward.

“The thing that God is calling for you is the thing that makes you feel the most alive,” said Dr. Scott Key, professor of philosophy. “(The Lord) gives us all of our gifts, mistakes and our failures and gives them back to us.”

CBU is a place of faith, but this faith does not guarantee anyone a ticket to purpose. Students work hard and dedicate time, but many on the Christian campus believe their fate is in the hands of God.

The college journey can be tumultuous, but according to the Bible, Christians are not to fear. The ultimate weapon against fear is doing exactly what one is supposed to be doing in life.

For more information on dealing with stress and anxiety, CBU students have many resources available to them, such as the Counseling Center, the Career Center or the Office of Student Success.

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