June 13, 2024

[Lauren Shelburne | Banner] Antonio Sanchez (left), 25-year-old barista in training, Matthew Henderson, 24-year-old barista training manager; Curtis Humphrey, 24-year-old barista in training; and Delmy Diaz, 28-year-old barista in training, learn the different measurements of ingredients that go into the various coffees offered on the menu.

Grounded with Riverside roots, Lift Coffee Roasters will open its second location Dec. 3 that will feature a cafe made for innovative thinking- — a roastery where coffee connoisseurs can watch and learn with eclectic coffee drinks to sit down and sip on or to grab on-the-go for a daily commute.

After six months of designing and construction, the 2060 Chicago Ave., Suite A10 location will open and debut its transparent, innovative and artistic environment.

Gio Alonso, owner of Lift Coffee Roasters, grew up with Steffen Sommers, previous owner and California Baptist University alumnus, and is excited for the new milestone in his career as owner.

“To be in a position to see someone I grew up with change Riverside and then also be someone in a position to be a part of that change, is really gratifying,” Alonso said.

Every corner of the Chicago  Avenue location will showcase Riverside’s personality. Whether it is the decor made out of an airplane wing from a plane that crashed in Riverside or the walls painted with orange trees and crate barrels created by local artists, who painted murals in the city and walls at the Mission Inn, costumers will see the best parts of Riverside while enjoying coffee from Riverside’s first roastery company.

Alonso is looking forward to Lift being a space for studying, film festivals, comedy shows, poetry slams and art galleries. Even though Alonso and his staff spent a copious amount of time on the development of the location, his focus is on communicating the craft of coffee and the care Lift has for its customers.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Alonso said. “I try to mold a culture of people that honor people and precision over profit.”

Tyler Wessel, senior biology major, said he is excited to be  part of Lift’s culture as a barista and assist in the customer service for which the coffee house is known.

“What sets Lift apart is our passion for serving excellent coffee in a way that gives each customer an amazing experience,” he said. “We believe that good coffee is tied to quality interactions and conversations which brings community.”

Just as the cafe and roastery was created with precision and passion, Beau Tremely, coffee roaster, carries the company’s standards with him when he travels to different farms to buy coffee beans.

“It’s a good way to go and see the operation and see what their goals are and what their passions are,” Tremely said. “We like to work with farmers who put a high priority on sustainability on their farms. Usually, when farmers are invested in things like sustainability and paying their workers well, their coffee tastes better and it’s the best in quality.”

Lift’s menu will include similar prices and coffees from places like Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, South Africa and Indonesia.

With hours of work and care put into the development of Lift’s newest location, Alonso is ready for its debut and to welcome all future customers.

“We get to introduce a place for creative conversation, a place for forward thinking, a place for community,” Alonso said. “What better way than sharing conversation over a cup of coffee?”

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