February 28, 2024

California Baptist University’s United Club will host an event Feb. 22 from 7– 9 p.m. in the Staples Courtyard where members of the club and students can write letters to congressmen about their concerns regarding the first term of President Donald J. Trump.

The event will allow for students and members to intermingle and write letters to congressmen that can be kept confidential, mailed or shared, along with slam poetry. live music, and food.

Samantha Thomas, junior business administration major, said the event is designed to promote social awareness on campus to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

“We want to create a safe place to encourage people to actually make their voice heard and to think about how the next four years are going to be,” Thomas said. “I hope students come and gain an understanding of their own opinion, along with others.”

The club is working on having a panel of speakers at the event that may include CBU faculty.

Danielle Mayon, senior business management major, said the event will help engage  students with all that is currently happening in politics  and to hear their thoughts about it.

“We would have a work space and come together to talk about it so students can write freely,” Mayon said. “Words are powerful. With this upcoming event we are hosting, it will allow students to express themselves without being scared to voice their opinion about politics.”

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