February 21, 2024

Achieving goals through one painting at a time

Not only do International Service Project participants have the trying task of spreading the gospel to unreached nations, but tasked with finding the money to do so.

Even after writing support letters and engaging in team fundraisers, some students need to find additional ways to come up with the cash.

Gwendolyn Ramirez, sophomore nutrition and food sciences major, has improved her entrepreneurial skills by selling hand-made designs to help her raise her contribution.

Inspired by fellow students last year, she said she wanted to become more proactive in her fundraising efforts.

“Asking people for money in general is awkward, selling crafts is a little less awkward because you’re giving them a good in exchange,” Ramirez said. “It’s also made me more confident in having a definite goal that I’m working toward; making me push myself out of my comfort zone to do what needs to be done.”

Ramirez mainly promotes her crafts through social media, and she created the account “isp_designs_by_gwen” on Instagram to share pictures of her creations. Everything featured on the account is hand-painted and inspired by Ramirez’s own style and varies in price.

“I’ve always loved scenery in art so I adopted that style. It also gives you a lot of freedom to mix certain colors and be less definite with shapes and lines.”
Ramirez said.

Through her art, Ramirez has been able to transform scraps of wood into imaginative magnets and wall hangings.

Fundraising is no easy task, but taking the DIY route may be the way of reaping success. For Ramirez, it is through crafting that she gains confidence in herself and reaching her goal.

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