February 28, 2024

The battle for women’s rights both at home, abroad prompts students’ voices

Feminism, like any movement, has a purpose. While the word carries both positive and negative connotations of feminism, it is defined as “the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.”

Students at California Baptist University have differing opinions on the concept. While feminism is an important subject that affects the lives of women of all ages, adult women are impacted the most.

Feminism is a movement that reaches both across the nation and overseas, touching lives and evoking change for women all around the world.

Natalie Carter, sophomore English major, said feminism plays an important role in the United States, as well as outside its borders.

“America, as it is today, is not completely equal in respect to how women are viewed versus men. That being said, I do recognize that American women, myself included, do need to focus not only on the equality of women here in the United States but also women across the world,” Carter said.

Briana Lingad, sophomore environmental science major, spoke about different stereotypes and how feminism can be viewed from its actions.

“A negative stereotype I’ve heard about feminism is that it’s too radical,” Lingad said. “That is true, but sometimes it’s necessary to be radical depending on the situation.”

A popular opinion concerning feminism that circulates is that in America, women already have equal rights and many other countries have it far worse than here.

Dr. Melissa Croteau, director of the film studies program and associate professor of film studies and literature, expanded upon this idea as she discussed the second wave of feminism.

“Young women like to say that they don’t need to fight for equal rights anymore,” said Croteau. “Despite the number of facts that you can present them with about how women earn less money, mistreatment in the workplace, sexual harassment and rape statistics, they say that there’s nothing left to fight for, and it’s been a bit shocking to me.”

In the past few decades, feminism has positively altered the lives of many women, demanding respect and equal opportunities no matter of the gender.

Throughout history feminism has survived and thrived despite the backlash it has received.  While in America women have more rights than in many other countries, this should not discourage women from fighting for equality.

The continuous battle for equality in the U.S. encourages in other countries with stricter social boundaries.

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