February 28, 2024

As a child, you don’t choose what type of schooling you are given–your parents do. Parents are the core behind what type of school you will attend in the future– a public or private education in high school and college. Growing up, I was lucky enough that my parents sent me to private school throughout my
whole life.

My parents did not force it upon me to continue to pursue a private education; it was my decision.

I learned as I went into high school, private school kids have a reputation of coming from a higher-income family, expressing their faith and act a certain way. Every time I tell someone I went to a private school my whole life I am given the same answer: “Oh wow.” The answer comes as a shock to me because many know the cost of private school and the reputation it holds.

There is no issue in going to private school your entire life, but many see it as being sheltered, living with strict rules and being protected from external influences. These stereotypes are somewhat true but at the same time, private school has shaped me into who I am today.

No matter what education a student may receive, it is how he or she takes advantage of what they are given through the education they receive.

As many may see, the constant battle between public- and private-school education is present among students. Depending on who you talk to, people will have different views about one side over the other. All students have a different experience with what education system they experienced. There are many students who go from public to private schools or private to

The perceptions of education are different but in the end, we are lucky enough to have any education at all. Many children and adults have absolutely no access to any kind of education, but we can use the knowledge we gain from what we learn and use it to make a change in
the world.

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