May 27, 2023

When listening to music most people do not usually think of politics, but some musicians have been taking a stance through the power of music.

Whether it was leading up to the election or after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, artists are using their talent and platforms to inform or influence their fans.

Songs like “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, “Where’s The Revolution” by Depeche Mode and “Americanism” by MxPx have political messages within them. Songs like these have started conversations about politics and fans have either sided with their favorite artists or stood against them.

Depeche Mode’s “Where’s the Revolution” says: “You’ve been kept down. You’ve been pushed round. You’ve been lied to. You’ve been fed truths. Who’s making your decisions? You or your religion? Your government, your countries. You patriotic junkies.”

Makiah Josephson, freshman, political science major, said artists’ platforms are effective and people are easily influenced by their favorite artists.

“People look up to famous people they idolize,” Josephson said. “Artists should be able to express themselves fully. Their music can be about anything they want, including their political views.”

Jonathan Fraser, senior psychology major, said when artists use their music to convey political messages to their fans it depends on if he listens to the songs or not.

“If I hear certain lyrics in the track that catch my attention, then I will read along with the lyrics,” Fraser said. “If a group has political messages that I don’t care for and are well known for that then I’ll just pay attention to the music.”

Anastasia Aguas, political science and history double major, said she looks  at political messages within music.

“Whether or not we realize it, political bias and ideals permeate a large part of the musical culture,” Aguas said.“Messages through music is one of the privileges that musicians have.”

Aguas said musicians have the right to be able to put political messages within their music just as people have the right to their own opinion.

“Their music is an expression of who they are,” Aguas said. “If they would like to integrate their political opinions into their music, they have every right to,”

Aguas said fans do not have to listen to political music .

“If people don’t appreciate that, then they can simply choose not to listen to that artist’s music,” Aguas said.

Artists are using their platforms to influence and inspire their fans through their music. Whether or not the political message influences the fans, they still receive a good tune.

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