March 2, 2024

Celebration of Black History Month shows culture on CBU campus

California Baptist University Community Life’s celebration of Black History Month culminated in the Dream Event, in which student performers and guests sang, played music, read poetry and spoke in front of a diverse crowd.

Students, friends and families packed into the College of Health Science campus building to attend the event to recognize its students’ diverse cultures at CBU.

One of the performers, Margaret Jones, president of the Slam Poetry Club, performed a piece specifically written for the event on black culture in America, while others showed their appreciation for the black community with synchronized dance and song.

Chris Hofschroer, assistant dean of students, said an event that recognizes Black History Month is vital to the CBU community to celebrate together.

“Any time we can celebrate a culture on campus (is important),” Hofschroer said. “Yes, we are all Lancers, but we all have different backgrounds.”

Along with Hofschroer’s appreciation for the event, Spencer Dahlgren, senior business administration major, recognizes what the Dream Event means for the school and society in general.

“It’s super important, especially with everything going on right now in politics and transition,” Dahlgren said. “It’s really cool to all come together and celebrate.”

The celebration, Dream Event, refers to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, in which King refers to his dream that people of all colors  and creeds come together in America.

With a crowd of every race gathered in one building to celebrate Black History Month, it seems the dream was realized.

“We have to bring awareness to students about how cultures are different,” Hofschroer said. “It may be uncomfortable at first, but it  should be celebrated and embraced.”

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