July 24, 2024

America is not filled with God’s chosen people.

From a young age, I grew up with the idea the United States was a nation under God. I was told the Founding Fathers were believers and I needed to fight for Christian values.

Here’s the thing: Patriotism is not bad, but holding America to the standard that it is somehow God’s nation where Christian values are celebrated is wrong. God did not promise anywhere in his word that Americans would be able to live in some fantasy where our values are upheld.

Do not think I am saying fighting for biblical principles is wrong or you should not partake in your civil duty of voting and making your voice known. Do hear me say God is not promising to protect America from the world. The great thing is that no matter what his purpose will be accomplished.

Oftentimes, Christians in the West care more about their political agenda than the spreading of the gospel. They somehow believe Christian values and policies will point to Christ rather than real, authentic relationships and gospel conversations. Throughout history, the gospel has spread the most where persecution has taken place. We know from Scripture that persecution is to be expected. 2 Timothy 3:12 states, “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Rather than praying for persecution to end, pray for perseverance and for the gospel to be heard. Putting your hope in a nation will only lead to disappointment. It will only give you the “American Jesus,” not the Jesus of the Bible. Culture will continue to hate Christians; culture will continue to change but Christ remains the same. Don’t find your primary identity in being American and start finding it in Christ.

Rather than fighting for political agendas, listen to people. Do not give into American culture, but live authentic gospel lives. Stop believing America is responsible for the gospel to be heard; it is the job of the church and the Christian.

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