May 23, 2024

New, original musical set to premiere March 31

Opening March 31, California Baptist University’s theater program is performing “Plain Princess,” a musical written by Jim Christian and adapted from the fairy tale “Plain Princess,” a novel written by Phyllis McGinley.

The show runs until April 8 and tells the story of a spoiled, selfish princess who learns the significance of true beauty.

Lisa Lyons, adjunct theater professor, is the director of “Plain Princess.” Lyons personally knows Christian as he was her professor at Weber State University.

“It’s brand new. It’s only been performed maybe four or five times. It was presented at the Kennedy Center American Theater College Festival and won a national award,”

Lyons said of the play. Last year the Wallace Theatre premiered “Pirated,” an- other work by Christian. This year, the program wanted to perform a fairy tale and saw “Plain Princess” as the perfect fit. The fairy tale showcases the theme of finding the true representation of beauty.

Megan Pastrallo, junior theater major, is cast as Lady in Waiting a character who waits on Princess Esmerelda.

“Something that is really different about this play is the absurdity of the story line. It’s very farcical,” Pastrallo said.

“The whole morality of the play is just ridiculous and funny. It’s a nice break from anything that’s too serious because there’s a different vibe when you’re preforming a fairy tale.”

Alexis Safoyan, junior public relations and theater double major, is playing one of the lead roles as Dame Goodwit. Safoyan’s character guides the princess as she discovers the true meaning of happiness.

“We have worked on such a variety of shows in the last few years alone, but this show has a magical aspect in the fact that it transports you back to when

you were a kid. It is truly an escape from the stress of life,” Safoyan said. “This cast has been such an uplifting team and we have had so much fun putting the show together for the audiences so we hope that they come and really enjoy it.”

Students, seniors and active military members will be charged $10 at the door and general admission will be $15. Show times for March 31, April 6–7 will be at 7:30p.m. while show times for April 1 and April 8 will be 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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