February 28, 2024

For many students, a teacher is someone who just walks into the classroom and teaches a subject, but many often walk out of the classroom knowing a teacher will leave an impact on their life.

“It’s not just anecdotal, but it’s research,” said Dr. Ted Murcray, associate dean of  the School of Education and assistant professor of education, as he pulled out a book to reference.

Murcray has taught several ages, ranging from elementary to high school. He was an assistant principal at both Franklin and Harrison Elementary schools, and at Donelson and Dupont middle schools as well as a principal of Creswell Middle School before coming to California Baptist University.

“It is exactly the relationship the teachers build with students that has a direct impact or is correlated with the success students experience, both in class and outside of class,” Murcray said.

At CBU, students acquire the educational tools to go out and teach after they graduate.William Lamora, senior early childhood studies major, said he wants to become a teacher because of the experiences he has had with his teachers in the past.

“I want to be a teacher because of previous teachers who have encouraged me and inspired me to do my best and do better academically,” Lamora said. “In all aspects, not just academically but in the real world as well. It has inspired me to want to do the same for future generations to come.”

Lamora said he wants to work with special needs students because of his experience in junior high as a teacher’s aide in a special needs classroom.

“That teacher really inspired me to pursue special education (because of) the way he made the curriculum fun,” Lamora said.

Lamora said he understands pay does not come with the job, but said it is not about making six figures, but investing into the students.

“You can’t really put a price  tag on teaching,” Lamora said.

Lamora said he is excited for his  future.

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