Be the difference among criticized millennials

As an almost-college-graduate, I am ready to take on the world one degree hotter and one entry-level job at a time.

Many people my age enter the workforce with a feeling of entitlement and give all millennials a bad reputation.

Some graduates enter the workforce expecting to be handed everything in life while doing the bare minimum. Everyone deserves respect, but not everyone deserves their absolute dream job without having worked for it.

Some graduates are under the impression that as they walk across the stage at commencement, full knowledge and wisdom has been thrust upon them. Not quite.

Yes, as college graduates we have received a higher education and are equipped to take on the world, but we have to build to achieve such success. We have to be willing to humble ourselves and take on jobs that are not necessarily our dream. Sometimes you have to start from the bottom to reach your ultimate goal.

The highest-paid employee at your dream workplace did not stumble upon the job opening fresh out of college and land it. That man or woman worked hard to get where he or she ended up.

This sense of entitlement often comes out directly in the workplace when a 9-5 job is simply too much and the workload isn’t ideal. Acting like an ungrateful child in the workplace is humiliating and immature.

Although this may all sound harsh, it’s what most Baby Boomers think of us. Although I agree with their opinion of our generation’s sense of entitlement, it indicates we have self-worth. We don’t just want to go through life saying “yes” to everything; we do, however, deserve happiness and fulfillment.

We are allowed to love our job and enjoy life daily knowing we are fulfilling our needs — just know we have to work for a bit before we get there.

Don’t expect to be handed anything, work hard at it and be the difference among our heavily criticized generation.

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