July 13, 2024

As California Baptist University transitions into a Division I university, CBU Athletics will be making logo changes to stand out against other schools in the Western Athletic Conference.

Soon to be competing in the WAC, the program is making noticable changes from the traditional lowercase “cbu” logo to block uppercase lettering to match with most collegiate logos, giving a stronger appearance to the team uniforms and athletic apparel.

Dr. Mark Wyatt, vice president of marketing and communication, is head of the design and processes for all athletic team uniforms and fan apparel then will slowly integrate the new logo per his instruction.

The athletic department branding statement, “Purpose. Driven. Champions.” was put into effect one year ago,to complement the university phrase, “Live Your Purpose.”

The next step is creating the new logo and integrating it into the athletics programs without disturbing the university seal and logo, which will retain the same lowercase “cbu” writing.

Micah Fuller, associate athletic director for marketing and media relations, said not only does the design matter, but all color combinations that are sketched out must be approved. Even the specific shade of navy and gold is taken into consideration.

The subtle changes, such as the “CBU Crazies” design, will also undergo a minor alteration to complement the new design.

“(The goal is to) try to find a theme and continuity and simplicity,” Fuller said.

The new design is expected to be a bolder look and add to the overall aesthetic of CBU Athletics.

“The new logo makes a bigger and bolder statement when we are competing against opposing teams,” said John Glenn, freshman communication studies major and member of the baseball team. “When you look good, you play good and this logo will stand out when our athletes take the field or court.”

The Sports Information Department will be collaborating with Wyatt and Fuller in the logo redesign.

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