June 25, 2024

Intramural tournament eases school stress amid finals time

The air blew through the holes of the plastic balls as players tossed them back and forth April 18, the first day of the California Baptist University’s annual Wiffle Ball tournament.

Players warmed up on the front lawn to play the game, a variation of baseball played with small plastic balls and bats.

Logan Richardson, junior kinesiology major, said he was anticipating the competition of the day.

“I wanted to be a part of the wiffle ball tournament because it’s fun, and I have played baseball since I was 4. There’s a good community, and it’s good to be with friends and play baseball,” Richardson said. “This intramural is different because it is only two days, which sucks but it’s baseball and we don’t have anything baseball besides wiffle ball. It’s nice to be around it again.”

This year 11 teams signed up for the tournament. The teams acted as their own score keepers and organizers. Competing in groups of three teams, while two teams played each other, the other would keep score and oversee the game.

Wiffle ball has been a part of CBU tradition for about a decade and has had many participants.

Hannah Stadnick, senior communication studies major, also took the field.

“I never played softball in high school but I am just out here to have some fun,” Stadnick said. “My favorite part is being able to relax and watch all my friends play and I like playing against them as well.”

Students participated in the friendly competition and humourous joking.

Tyler Cox, director of Recreation Programs, said he enjoys the light-hearted fun wiffle ball creates between friends and teammates.

“It’s not as structured as some of the other intramurals you just come out and have a good time,” Cox said. “It’s wiffle ball so it’s a kids’ game, so students just come out here and enjoy themselves and
not be as serious.”

The two day tournament came to a close in the championship game, April 19.

In the final game, the team “Swing and a Wiff” scored several points in one inning, winning them the game  against the “Wiffle Sniffles.”

This year’s wiffle ball tournament served as a reminder that students can come together in t SoCal warmth  amid approaching finals and projects to have fun and compete even when the sport consists of plastic balls and bats.

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