April 20, 2024

Garret Charles Nash, commonly known by his stage name Gnash, performed at The Observatory in Santa Ana Observatory April 1 as part of his latest tour, The Sleepover Tour.

The concert highlighted many of Gnash’s contemporaries, including Sweater Beats, Imad Royal, Tulpa & Blankts, Triangle Park, Myboyjon and Brandon Wardell. All of these musicians performed on their own, truly taking their time to set the stage for Gnash.

Each musician who performed played more songs than the musician before him, with the last three performers extending their sets longer. Imad Royal came on, bringing in a hyped atmosphere with a heavy bass that sent vibrations across the wooden floors of the venue. His energy was infectious as he danced during his entire set and ran around taking pictures with fans using the phones they waved at him.

Max Schneider – stage name MAX – also performed with gusto as he danced around on stage. Many fans seemed to be familiar enough with his music to not only bob their heads but to shout the lyrics back at him.

Sweater Beats was the last performer who came on before Gnash. Playing remixes of popular songs by Chance the Rapper and Taylor Swift, he had the bass up so high you wouldn’t be able to hear your own heartbeat if you tried.

After all the openers had performed, all the lights went dim in preparation for Gnash’s performance. Finally, one small light turned on. The stage had been set up like a bedroom, and in the middle of it was a tent reminiscent of innocence and a fort-building childhood.

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Gnash sat in the tent wearing his signature sunglasses. The mood had shifted dramatically from the hyped-up jams of those before him. His music was more pensive, reflecting on how quickly people and relationships change.

It really felt like a sleepover when the lights were turned low and the crowd leaned in. Gnash crouched over the piano, singing softly with a voice full of emotion of love found and lost.

He closed off the night with international hit “i hate u, i love u,” bringing in Olivia O’Brien as a surprise guest.

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