February 27, 2024

It’s good to hear our flaws. To hear those little things about us that aren’t so clean and shiny or to hear about those aspects of ourselves that we wouldn’t display on a shelf for everyone to analyze and admire.

When someone who cares about you tells you that you have commitment issues or that you don’t work hard enough, it should hurt. It should sting and our response would probably be to build an invisible wall to immediately block out everything that is said about us that we might not endorse. It’s a normal human reaction.

We cannot grow without cutting off the branches that bear no fruit. We shouldn’t get upset when someone tells us to improve a certain aspect of our lives because there’s power in constructive criticism. If no one ever tells you your flaws, you will go about your life thinking you’re perfect.

The real problem with constructive criticism is our reaction to it. In a world that encourages rebellion and an “I can do whatever I want”
attitude, improving our own character in order to be the best version of ourselves is not encouraged–especially when someone else points out our imperfections.

We need to be able to listen and take in wise advice from those we know truly care about us. If someone tells you are too dependent on others, you’re too negative, you’re too lazy or comfortable with where you are in life, or you spend too much money on unnecessary things, don’t argue. Take in what you know deep down is true,
analyze it and change the negative aspects of your life that lead you to act that way. This is how we grow.

Being brutally honest in our relationships creates room for improvement. It hurts but it helps us heal and become an improved version of ourselves. I used to believe people never change and our ugly habits stay with us forever.

After someone pointed out mine, I believe change is real and it is attainable if we are willing to listen.

There is a drastic difference between those who simply  like to criticize others to feel better about themselves and those who are caring enough to want to see others grow. While being an honest person is a positive attribute, the way we come across when we are being honest is important. If we are insulting and harsh with our words, it really diminishes the power that constructive
criticism may have.

Although we  are flawed humans and we will never reach perfection, there are things about us that need to be brought to light even if it stings so we can turn those not-so-pretty habits into strengths instead of weaknesses.

That’s how we grow.

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