February 21, 2024

The West Coast is meeting Southern charm with the future establishment of California’s first Cracker Barrel, opening February 2018 in Victorville.

Despite Internet confusion, Breanna Straessle, manager of corporate communications for Cracker Barrel, said the Victorville location will be California’s first.

Best known for its hearty, homestyle comfort food and quaint, antique decor, Cracker Barrel maintains its popularity the South and the Midwest, and the company looks to continue its success with the addition of its Victorville location.

“As part of our plan to expand the footprint of our brand and deliver to new guests the unique experience that has made Cracker Barrel so popular, we plan on opening our first stores in California in 2018,” Straessle said.

With the grand opening in February quickly approaching, lovers of anything country and of authentic Southern food anticipate the restaurant’s arrival.

“We’re always considering opportunities for new locations,” Straessle said. “In particular, California, with its large population and some of the country’s most popular routes for road trips, presents an especially exciting opportunity.”

With its proximity to California Baptist University, Cracker Barrel will make the perfect mini-road trip destination for students looking for a change of scenery. If students find the Victorville restaurant as tasty as Southerners say it is, it may be worth adding it into Riverside’s restaurant rotation.

Maddison Rickard, senior theater major, said she can’t wait to experience the chain and said, “It’s pretty exciting that we’re getting a Cracker Barrel. My boyfriend is originally from Kentucky, and he said it was such a staple growing up.”

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