December 2, 2023

I have an admiration for people who say it like it is, so here’s my attempt to do just that. I care how you feel, but I care about the facts more.

It is obvious there are many events taking place worldwide that deserve a conversation. To quote Ben Shapiro’s tweet from Feb. 2016: “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” If facts don’t care about your feelings, then why is everyone else so concerned about them?

This is where I stand: Always respect feelings, but return to the facts. It is  OK to have different feelings about controversial issues such as Planned Parenthood, transgenders in the military and President Donald J. Trump. What’s not OK is to ignore solid, factual proof and turn someone’s feelings into evidence just because you’re scared to offend them or have an educated and mature conversation.

Chances are, if the person you are talking to is offended by facts, then he or she didn’t do their research. If he or she did do her or his research, he or she is choosing to be ignorant of the facts just to make themselves right.

It is not only interesting to listen to another person’s perspectives and thoughts on things, but it is also healthy.

I am a millennial.  I used to be that college student who did not usually take the time to educate herself. Then I realized I do not need to fall under the stereotypical college millennial who relies on others to provide information, to let others do my work or to be lazy.

The way I feel about things is not enough to hold my own ground in discussions, but facts are. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has, for the most part, failed at giving Americans both the truth and the unbiased truth. It is your justified human right to identify yourself with a political party and to hold
individual feelings and stances on policies, history and all of what is going on in this world.

You cannot change history. You cannot change facts. Do your research, face the facts and allow yourself to feel based upon them.

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