May 23, 2024

California Baptist University’s Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (NMS) welcomed incoming students with a New Student Mixer in Harden Square this year.

The mixer, which took place Sept. 6, enabled the new students to meet with more than 20 professors, staff and club representatives within the Division of NMS and provided them with an opportunity to connect with peers.

The departments of mathematics, biology and chemistry were represented at the mixer and supplied refreshments which included pizza pie (Pi), “dirt” cups (pudding with Oreos and gummy worms) and liquid nitrogen ice cream, respectively.

“The purpose of the mixer was for the new students to be immediately immersed into our community and to feel like they were a part of the NMS community and CBU as a whole,” said Allie Floyd, secretary for the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences.

To encourage community and connections, an interactive raffle offered more than 50 new students in attendance the chance to win prizes with one condition – the student had to answer two questions involving social interaction to qualify for the raffle.

One question incentivized new students to mingle by learning another student’s name, major and motivation for attending CBU, while another required students to meet and learn a fun fact about a professor from any of the three departments.

Adriana Cortez, a junior biology major and student worker within the Division of NMS, said she enjoyed the diversity of students and majors attending the mixer.

“(The event) made CBU feel more like a community, united, rather than feeling separated between those with different majors,” Cortez said. “I am excited for the various mindsets that are coming into the department – hearing differences in opinions and seeing the uniqueness of what each individual has to offer.”


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