December 8, 2023

TWIRP week is right around the corner and this year, the Office of Community Life’s focus for students is “social not serious.”

“We have always had this mindset. Our Director of Campus Activities Kristin Holderman has said this to us and students for years now,” said Christina McDonald, senior leadership studies and international business double major.

The idea is to include not just those with significant others, but all groups of friends to make lifelong memories participating in unforgettable experiences.

In years past, TWIRP, also known as “The Woman Is Required to Pay,” has been an event that encourages female students to grab a date and spend time getting to know each other throughout the week of events.

CBU, however, is aiming to shift this anticipated event into a more social space.

“Our goal is to create an atmosphere where students want to grab their friends, go out for a night, and get to know some new people,” McDonald said.

Community Life is encouraging students to let go of the notion that this is an event catered to those who are in relationships or have found dates for the week, rather it invites all students to participate.

“As a student transferring from a community college, my school did not provide many, if any, experiences for the students,” said Savannah Jacobs, junior political science major. “TWIRP week gives all of us the opportunity to bond on and off campus. The diversity of the events pertain to different interests that the students might have. As college students, we all appreciate the opportunity to have access to such events at a price that stays within our budget.”

TWIRP week, which includes a free concert, Los Angeles Dodgers game, Barn Dance and a day at Disneyland, is a way to get connected to campus traditions. As the first of many events hosted by Community Life, TWIRP sets the tone for a year full of opportunities for student involvement on and off campus.

“We hope that students are able to see our vision in creating an inclusive atmosphere, allowing for new connections tobe made,” McDonald said. “It is a perfect combination of events for all interests so that every student can feel comfortable and excited to participate.”

The purpose of this week is to connect students with each other so they may begin forming relationships with each other and make the most of their experience at CBU.

“It gives you the opportunity to hang out with more people than just your date, and also when you go with friends, you make lifetime memories with the people who will be in your life for a long time,” said Abigail Cathcart, junior early childhood studies major.

In addition to, events such as TWIRP allow students to explore not only Riverside but also surrounding cities.

For students like Jacobs, TWIRP gives the chance to familiarize themselves with the area in a group setting. This is the first of many opportunities to interact with fellow students in a different environment.

TWIRP week, starting Sept. 25-29, is the perfect start to the social year at CBU, allowing a space for student connections to form at the beginning of the semester and thrive throughout the rest of the school year.

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