July 25, 2024

Cultures are celebrated, diversity and community established.

Cuisine from all around the world was featured Oct. 3 in Stamps Courtyard during Taste the Nations, an annual event hosted by California Baptist University’s International Center.

With more than 300 international students on campus, the International Center provided an opportunity for domestic students to taste food from different countries and connect with international students.

Multiple booths at the event represented various continents and offered snacks and food. International students were able to serve food from their country and relate their culture and experience from home to those in attendance.

The event also included various lawn games including Chinese yo-yo, Da Cau from Vietnam, Leenda from Burkina Faso, and Pass the Parcel from England and India. A raffle and scavenger hunt were included in the evening’s festivities. Prizes were distributed to winners of each.

Jessica Bullis, graduate assistant for the International Center, oversees programming and said the event focused on international and domestic students.

“The purpose of Taste the Nations is not only to introduce domestic students to other cultures but also to encourage international students and show them that we really do appreciate their culture,” Bullis said. “It’s overwhelmingly important to show these students that we care about them and where they come from.”

Nathan Paul, junior business administration and Christian behavioral science double major, said he appreciates the opportunity for connections to be made through the event.

“I live in Global Village as a resident advisor, so I have a deep desire to see international students and domestic students create friendships, specifically for international students to feel at home even though they’re not at home,” Paul said.

According to Bullis, her office will continue to organize events throughout the year that feature international students and recognizes their diversity.

“The Lord created us in diversity to glorify his name, and that’s such a beautiful thing,” Bullis explained. “These events show the international students that not only do we love them regardless of our differences but that we love them because of our differences. We want them to know that Christ is bigger than all of that.”

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