July 25, 2024

Pink Ribbon Thrift, located on Magnolia Avenue, is not an average thrift shop — it is owned by the Riverside Community Health Foundation to support awareness and the battle against breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Thrift started under the Inland Agency and Nicole Stovicek, manager of Pink Ribbon Thrift, almost five years ago.

A year after the shop was established, Riverside Community Health Foundation took over. Stovicek has been with the foundation for four years managing Pink Ribbon Thrift.

The foundation leaders said they are excited about their new location, which opened Aug. 3.

“This location is double the space (than our previous location) and it has been fantastic. It’s been a huge improvement for us,” Stovicek said.

Unlike some confinement stores, the Pink Ribbon Thrift relies solely on donations from the public.

“Everything is donated but we try to curate quality,” Stovicek said. “Whatever comes through our doors, if it has seen a little too much love for our shelves, we send it on to another company that either recycles it or sells it to other thrift stores.”

With so many thrift stores in Riverside, Pink Ribbon Thrift wanted to offer something new to the Inland Empire.

“We are a very small store so we decided to shoot for a more boutique-style feel because we didn’t feel like that was being done yet in Riverside,” Stovicek said. “We wanted to do something different in order to make a name for ourselves.”

Many California Baptist University students had visited the thrift store before its relocation and said they are excited for the new set up.

“The Pink Ribbon Thrift was very hospitable and the lady who checked us out was very sweet,” said Sydney Bennett, sophomore exercise science major. “There were a ton of things to look through. I found this cute, chic cardigan that I love for $10.”

The Pink Ribbon Foundation fundraises through the thrift store and other events, such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk Oct. 21. The Pink Ribbon Foundation is holding this walk on Mount Rubidoux and is hoping 100,000 people will attend the event.

The Pink Ribbon Foundation also provides counseling, support groups, wigs, prosthetics, hats, scarfs, therapy and free yoga sessions to people who are going through breast cancer treatments or have had it in the past.

Stovicek said the group is hoping to see many Riverside residents walk in their breast cancer Awareness Walk Oct.21.

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