April 20, 2024

Sometimes decorating for the holidays can be more fun than the holiday itself.

Who does not love a festive wreath on their door this time of year? The only problem is they usually cost more than all the presents under the tree or they take longer to make than the whole Christmas dinner.

Not to fear, this Santa door wreath is a quick, cheap craft.

All you need to get your door in the Christmas spirit is 50 yards of white tulle on a spool cut into 15-inch pieces, 12-inch wreath form, one adult-sized Santa hat, one piece of ribbon 3 inches long, a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors.

Stephanie Bell

• Start by hot-gluing the Santa hat to the wreath about half way down.

• Next, cut the tulle into 15- inch long pieces. The easiest way to do it is to wrap the tulle around a piece of cardboard that is 15 inches wide. Then cut down both sides of the board.

• Next, tie the pieces of tulle onto the wreath with a basic knot. Continue this all the way around from one side of the hat to the other.

• After the bead is completed, add a mustache, tie a piece of tulle across the middle of the wreath about 2 inches below where the top of the beard will meet the hat. Cut the remaining 15-inch tulle strips in half, then tie those with a simple knot around the piece tied across the middle of the wreath until the mustache is as full as desired.

• Lastly, the best way to hang Mr. Claus is to hot glue the 3-inch ribbon into a loop on the back on the hat, and then it is ready to be placed on the door.

Stephanie Bell

This holiday craft looks time-consuming, but it only takes 20 minutes to complete. It looks more expensive and difficult than it is, making it the perfect holiday decoration for busy college students on a budget.

Something we found to be helpful was to wrap tulle around the green wreath before tying the strips to it. This made the base white so the green would not be visible.

The hat looked a little lifeless so to give it more fluff, we balled up and stuffed the leftover tulle strips inside the hat.

We recommend this wreath to anyone who wants to get in the Christmas spirit but does not have the budget to find the perfect holiday wreath at an expensive department store.

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