October 1, 2023

A successful leader requires organization, passion and preparation.

As next year’s leadership positions was announced on Feb. 12, after months of anxious waiting, students eagerly await their new jobs.

However, earning the position is just the beginning for a job so important to the well-being of the California Baptist University campus, preparation for the job is daunting.

Student – leader faculty and current student leaders admit it can be intimidating but that with the right training and guidance, new student leaders will have nothing to fear.

“Get involved, get around older people, be mentored and be invested in,” said Jay Stovall, director of New Students Programs to new leaders.

Stovall also encouraged students without an official leadership position to serve others.

“You don’t need a title to serve people,” Stovall said. “If you don’t have a title and you’re serving, I would almost feel like (the person without the title) holds a more significant role in serving because they didn’t need the title to begin with.”

For students who wish to become or already hold a student leader position such as FOCUS leader, resident adviser, Community Life intern, Spiritual Life intern, Associated Students of California Baptist University (ASCBU) members or International Center interns, there are ways to prepare beforehand to be a good and effective leader in the position.

“The best way (students) can prepare themselves is to pray for those that they’re going to be serving, to be devoting time to the Word. That’s an effective place to lead from — a close relationship with the Lord,” said Heidi Bassett, senior nursing major and community adviser of Simmons Hall who has also been an RA for the past two years.

Paige Cooper, senior civil engineering major and intramural intern in the Community Life office, said, “Humility is key. That’s what they look for the most when hiring and self-awareness is a big one too.”

Bassett and Stovall also said they place humility as the first priority in leadership and that as a student desiring to be a good leader, humility is important in all areas on campus.

Taking time to prepare oneself for leadership is vital to the future task of leading others.

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