May 25, 2024

The time has come for women to ask out the men and friends to come together at California Baptist University for TWIRP week.

TWIRP week or “The Woman is Required to Pay” is an event in which the women of CBU break social norms and ask men out to any of the events CBU hosts that week.

Events such as concerts, sporting games, barn dancing, movie night, the new ice skating event and the traditional finale of Disneyland take place throughout the week for students to attend.

Kristin Holderman, director of Student Events and Activities, said the event has been a tradition since 1962.

The motto of the event is “it’s social, not serious” to encourage student particapation.

Holderman said the event is popular because of the vari- ety of events o ered and for its longevity as a tradition, while also serving as a great way for building relationships in the beginning of the school year.

This year, TWIRP will be Monday through Saturday, Sept. 24-29, ending the week-long event with Disneyland on Saturday as opposed to the past, where the events ended Friday.

Holderman said Community Life interns brainstorm each year to create a variety of events for students and different ways for them to enjoy it.

“We decided to revisit the theme park on a Saturday idea so that it didn’t conflict with class schedules and students could get out of their day,” Holderman said. “We always are trying to make adjustments and accommodations that may be needed.”

Events such as TWIRP provide ways to bring the CBU community together.

David Suderman, sophomore chemical engineering major, said the event is something all students should attend.

“Last year was my year at CBU and I underestimated what (TWIRP) was going to be like, but after the week was over, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed all the events throughout the week,” Suderman said. “TWIRP is a really fun event that everyone should give a shot, with or without a date.”

Women are taking the bait this seemester and find it empowering.

Tori Koch, sophomore bio-medical sciences major, said this event makes bonds for both women and men in a positive way.

“Women asking guys out is fun but also empowering because you’re able to call the shots,” Koch said. “Another reason I like the concept is because it allows the guys to be treated to a paid date, which is a fun gift. It’s nice to be pursued by guys but it is also nice to ask them out too. It flips around gender roles and teaches women to be bold and go for the guy.”

Sarai Valadez, sophomore pre-nursing major, said she attended last year’s dance with friends and had a lot of fun.

“If you’re really confident and have the guts to ask a guy then you should,” Valadez said. “I didn’t ask a guy but it was fun because I went with my home-mates to the barn dance.”

TWIRP is a memorable and lasting tradition at CBU, meant to empower women and defy society’s standards and has succeeded in doing so over the past 56 years.

The free non-ticketed events for TWIRP are Sept. 24 and 28.

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