February 21, 2024

Smith Hall continues to build and pursue its legacy in its 50th year at California Baptist University with Smith Olympics in its eleventh year.

The purpose of the Smith Olympics is to build community through friendly competition and tradition.

At the end of the night, Hall 2B was crowned the champions. With Smith alumni and members of sister hall Simmons watching, residents competed in traditional Smith Olympics sports such as “Buck Buck,” where each hall tries to create the largest standing pile of guys, and a “Super Smash Brothers” tournament.

A new Smith Olympics event was instituted this year: Ultimate Cow Tongue. The rules were the same as ultimate Frisbee, yet there was no Frisbee, only a cow tongue.

Christopher Williams, freshman kinesiology major, said he was excited to play for his hall.

“Each hall has its own chants and we’re all represent- ing our hall,” Williams said. “My favorite event has been dodgeball and the Super Smash Brothers tournament.”

Smith Olympics is a pivotal part of the Smith “Legacy,” a theme to which Smith residents have held closely throughout the 50 years of Smith Hall.

Past and present Smith resident’s showed up to support the 50-year Smith Legacy.

Chandler Hancock, junior business administration major and past Smith resident, said he attended Smith Olympics to reminisce.

“I came back to Smith Olympics because I met all my best friends in Smith,” Hancock said. “It’s pretty much the main reason I love CBU, because of all the guys I met at Smith Hall. The special thing about Smith is the community. There’s a magic in it.”

Sophie Long, sophomore psychology major and resi- dent adviser in Simmons Hall, said that creating family is a big part of building freshmen community.

“They’re our brother hall and in the first few weeks here at CBU, you want to feel like a family,” Long said.

Jakob Hartt, junior psychology major, has been a member of Smith “Legacy” for three years. Hartt served as a resident his first year and a resident adviser this year of winning team 2B, as well as a resident adviser last year.

Hartt describes Smith Olympics as a big part of the legacy.

“It’s an important part of the Legacy because it’s focused time where people from past and present Smith years come and support the hall,” Hartt said.

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