July 13, 2024

California Baptist University celebrated one aspect of its diversity Sept. 19 with the Hispanic Heritage Fiesta on campus.

Students were able to enjoy multiple activities such as crafts, mini-soccer and lots of food.

DJ Barbedo the Chef performed for CBU students along with a dance group called the Riverside Ballet crew.

Churros, horchata and paletas filled Harden Square for all cultures to celebrate Hispanic heritage with one other.

Kristin Holderman, director of Campus Events and Activities, said the event is a time for the campus to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and recognize the important her- itage and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

“Our hope is that our cultural programs and celebra- tions, like the fiesta, inspire and encourage students to connect and build deep rela- tionships with students from di erent cultures and contexts that contribute to the CBU experience,” Holderman said.

The event was an opportunity for any student from any background or heritage to come together and learn about the culture of the Latino and Hispanic population at CBU.

Sarah Hon, senior psychology major, helped plan the event.

Hon said this event pulled different parts of Latin America and combined it into one huge celebration.

“The Hispanic Heritage Fiesta encompasses the Hispanic heritage and who relate to that on campus,” Hon said. “We had different influences from several parts of Latin America and combined it into one thing to make it a fun event for the entire CBU community to participate and with which to engage. “We highlighted the Hispanic Heritage Month and acknowledged the art of the Hispanic heritage on campus,” Hon said.

Events such as the Hispanic Heritage Fiesta give students a di erent perspective and an opportunity to embrace a new culture.

Priscilla Contrera, senior psychology and criminal justice double major, said she decided to attend this event to see how Hispanic culture is being represented at CBU. “This event centers more toward ethnicity and trying to show people the different ethnicities we have on campus,” Contrera said. “It is important to have events like this just to get a sense of who is on campus and to be culture-sensitive and know who is around.”

More events exploring different cultures happen around the school year. A Day in San Diego will take place in October, which will carry on the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.


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